Dec 12, 2006

The first casualty of The Indisputable Truth

You knew it was going to happen. The Indisputable Truth struck such a chord that it finally made one reader explode into a caustic rage and attack me, as well as Your Opinion Doesn't Count (my fellow posters, consider yourselves scum for allowing me to post). And shockingly, it wasn't a woman, but someone claiming to be a man! My new best friend is named Tian Jiang. I've posted his first comment in my post to preface my response, but you must read the comments section in Chapter 1 to feel the full scope of his wrath, and read Langdon Alger's admirable defense of YODC. The obligatory apology goes out to the rest of YODC for the length, but this just COULD NOT be confined to a simple comment.

Tian Jang wrote: I was introduced to your little angry rant by a female friend of mine.

Wow. Just wow. How old are you, thirteen? I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I think I can tell that you're not rich, not good-looking, certainly not understanding or humorous, and never gets girls. Why else would you be bitching?

You sound like an angry teenager who poured his heart out to some girl, was rejected for obvious reasons (see above), then proceeded to brood in silent fury over why she didn't drop to your knees begging for sex. Then you went home and cried to your D&D books.

And being the socially inept angry child you are, you don't understand why in the world she doesn't want you, because, you know, every woman in their right mind would want to be involved with a blatant misogynist who, when you get down to it, isn't attractive in any way.

Fast forward five years--the only satisfaction you get now is from attacking the female gender on your blog. Well, if putting your testicles on permanent leave is "incredibly freeing" to you, I've got nothing to say. Some men do enjoy staying single.

Oh and let me ask you: you claim that women only care about your appearance, your economic state, and image/status. Since you spent all this time typing up your rant then proceeding to add to it in the comments section (I can picture you sitting in front of your computer, rubbing your hands with glee every time someone types "I agree"), I think it's a fair assumption that you consider yourself above women, as well. Then, surely you do not care about a potential female partner's appearance, economic state, or image/status "and other surface traits"? If so, Mr. Saint, show me the way.

Your opinion does matter, as does the content of your soul, "son of gigan" m'boy--your opinion is that all women are shallow toys not to be treated with respect, and your soul is filled with ignorance and unjustified hatred. You made the choice for the women around you. Why would any woman in their right mind consider you?

I've been shot down too, and I went on an angry spree, much like what you're doing now--then one day, my testicles got back in charge, and I stopped being a pansy. If you do the same, you might discover what a moron you are right now.

Actually, never mind about that last point. The human race does not need your contribution to our gene pool.

Son of Gigan wrote: Well, allow me to retort. Tian, you are obviously a very unhappy little man, but one in need of my guidance. So take a deep breath, wipe the foam from your jowls and read carefully.

I have to give you credit right off the bat; you realize that you’re not Sherlock Holmes. In fact, in roughly 500 words that’s the only piece of truth you were able to cough up. Not only have you made tired, unimaginative judgments about me that have been blindly and thoughtlessly regurgitated by beings with far greater cognitive ability than you (roller skating chimpanzees come to mind), but you attacked me for everything posted on this blog while somehow managing to miss the rather long list of “contributors” on the right side of the page. If you want me to pay attention to you, PLEASE get your facts straight before flying into a hissy-fit.

I’m afraid your intentions were exposed by your very first sentence:

“I was introduced to your little angry rant by a female friend of mine.”

Your words, your tone, the very emotion behind your comments plainly reveal the psyche of a man desperately seeking the affections of a woman. This “female friend” of yours sent you my post; you saw a perceived opportunity and pounced.

“Look! I responded! I stood up to that big mean blogger! See how much I respect women! LOVE ME!”

Where is the opinion of your “female friend?” Many women have read my words, including your “friend;” a few have even responded and a grand total of NONE of them have gotten as infuriated as you have. You are quite clearly one of those platonic friends that was mentioned in earlier comments – a man surrounded by females. You’re at the front of their picket lines as they fight for “fair treatment.” You stand by them whenever they’re challenged. You defend their feelings with all of your vigor and venom. And you will never have sex with any of them. Do yourself a favor and put an end to the knight-in-shining-armor routine, because everyone, both men and women, can see right through it. If girls feel really strongly about what I’ve written, they can defend themselves. They don’t need you – in more ways than one.

“Then you went home and cried to your D&D books.”

Astonishing. Originality just SEEPS through your fingertips doesn’t it? So much of your character is revealed through this one statement that it’s almost pointless to respond. But in the infinitesimal hope that you’ll learn something, I will.

I’ve never played D&D myself. However, I do not think any less of anyone who does. In fact, I could play D&D every day of my life and still be more of a man than an intellectual insect like you. You’re trying so hard to dismiss my writings as hollow, but they’ve gotten you so incensed that you’ve made four long-winded comments, including responding to one of your own comments. Here’s a tip on logic for you, little one:

You can’t be dismissive and angry at the same time.

The truth, if you want to hear it, is YES, I do check my posts to see if people comment. And YES, I do enjoy it when people respond, whether they’re agreeing or disagreeing. Langdon Alger has yet to endorse anything I’ve written, and I still welcome his contributions. You on the other hand, admittedly continue to check my post in hopes of my responding. I guess it’s a little flattering – like being followed home by a stray cat.

Your comment about D&D, as well as your criticism of our J-list banner are quite frankly the words of a condescending, narrow-minded halfwit, although it may take a few more cups for your wit to reach .5. You sound like every meathead jock who ever graduated high school simply because he could throw a football. But you can’t be, because if you were you’d be spending quality time with your “female friend” rather than waiting by this blog to see if I’ll dignify your ravings by responding to them. Like women, you’ve made judgments based on what society tells you is “cool.”

Honestly Tian, I feel sorry for you. Your world isn’t big enough to fill a bottle cap. It saddens me that someone can so freely lash out with so little grasp of anything beyond his own narrow vision. You’ve even passed judgment on the other contributors to this blog for allowing The Indisputable Truth “to reach the front page.” WHAT? What front page?

Your obsession is with me. You can insult me, dream about me, bang your head against the wall because your “female friend” reads more of my words than she does of yours. I have no problem with that. But when you sit atop a high horse and belittle my friends over the content of this blog, or for allowing me to post, all of your points become as empty as you are. Despite what I may insinuate in my posts, I am not the “Editor-in-Chief” of YODC. I am not the “leader” or even the “representative” of the contributors. I am one of them. Many of us enjoy J-list, including me. Many of us enjoy J-pop, including me. Many of us enjoy looking at attractive girls in bikinis, including me and many of us may even enjoy playing D&D. The fact that we can openly express these facts without feeling ashamed or fearful of what your kind will think of us simply means that we’ve forgotten more about being real men, real individuals than you’ll ever know.

Personally, I enjoy pornography. I enjoy comic book conventions. I enjoy Godzilla and Star Wars movies. I enjoy things that people may find "geeky" or "uncool." I enjoy a lot of things. And I believe The Indisputable Truth to be exactly what I say it is. And if women don’t like it, I couldn’t possibly care less if you paid me. I know you’re smugly giggling at me right now, probably thinking of another predictable response to further your thoroughly transparent quest to get women to like you. But it’s not going to happen, Tian. Because contrary to what you stated and want so badly to believe, you have yet to “stop being a pansy.” And you may never. But if that kind of existence makes you happy, fine. I’m glad I’ve given you something to talk about with your “female friend” the next time you’re painting each other’s toenails.

ALL comments welcome.


Tian Jiang said...

About time, Gigan--I was almost bored of waiting. I'll respond to the obvious stuff first. Sorry for the lack of chronological order, hopefully it doesn't make your reading difficult. Thanks to the copy & paste buttons, all quotations are verbatim.

I'm not the first casualty of your "indisputable truth". Rather, I'm the first casualty of your "indisputable truth" that was bored enough to dignify you with a response, as I am doing now. Ennui, you might say.

Because I was introduced to your blog by a female friend, you seem to think that I'm responding to get into my friend's pants. "Do yourself a favor and put an end to the knight-in-shining-armor routine, because everyone, both men and women, can see right through it."

I left out my female friend's thoughts because she's not responding. I am. But since you're curious, I'll answer: as you predicted, my friend cares less about your statements than I do--she brought it up in the middle of a conversation as a segway. She thinks your opinions are sort of funny; I'm reacting a lot worse than she is, and she's the one with a vagina. I'm pretty sure I know better than you that if there was a way into her pants, fighting a "noble struggle" against some blogger on his turf isn't it. I've never seen the routine work, and it's never going to work; why would I try it?

It would appear that half of your rebuttal is based on the idea that I'm out for pussy as I attack you, since you do go on and on:

"You are quite clearly one of those platonic friends that was mentioned in earlier comments – a man surrounded by females. You’re at the front of their picket lines as they fight for “fair treatment.” You stand by them whenever they’re challenged. You defend their feelings with all of your vigor and venom. And you will never have sex with any of them."

Having a shred of decency hardly constitutes standing at the front of pickets for fair treatment. I don't defend them with "vigor and venom", either--I regularly call them out for bullshit.

"never have sex with any of them" is right: a man who has regular female contact (try Tucker Max) will tell you that you don't try to have sex with friends. If I wanted sex, I wouldn't torture myself being their friend--girls that I do want? It's a different story, and different treatment. Go ahead, do a poll and see how many guys have sex with close friends. I'd say the number is low.

(side note: she's decently attractive, but she's not outgoing enough--I don't want a girl I can't take snowboarding. She has a boyfriend right now anyway.)

Now that ulterior motives for my rage are ruled out:

Heh, you'd be right in that I wasn't at all dismissive when I typed up my "four long-winded comments, including responding to one of [my] own comments". That would be because I didn't see Langdon's enlightening remark until I had finished (as people in headrushes are wont to do). Had I seen it earlier, I wouldn't have even bothered responding. But since I'm already here, I will toil on till I find something better to do.

Then you dropped this little gem here:

"Your comment about D&D, as well as your criticism of our J-list banner are quite frankly the words of a condescending, narrow-minded halfwit, although it may take a few more cups for your wit to reach .5. You sound like every meathead jock who ever graduated high school simply because he could throw a football. "

Oh, ho ho ho. I never thought I'd see the day when I'm mistaken for a jock. Guess ignorance goes well in pairs, huh? I'm not going to lie and tell you that "bitches be all over my balls". Far from it. I'm not dating right now, and I'm only slightly better than you in terms of my track record.

I too enjoy porn and Godzilla & Star Wars movies, and I'm a Halo geek as well (I own every Halo novelization, including the graphic novel and the artbook). I too enjoy attractive girls in bikinis. Warmachine is my favorite Marvel hero--wait, no, right after Gambit. I actually managed to sprain my hand once when I tried tossing a football. I am not ashamed of my hobbies; none of that has changed me to a rabid misogynist yet, and I don't see a correlation between your/my hobbies and your women-hating.

The comment about D&D arises from what I've seen of D&D players: socially inept people who uses the roleplaying game to faciliate contact with other human beings. That's D&D's job. With my "halfwit" here, I couldn't imagine another cause for your perceptions of women other than social ineptitude. Doesn't take much to make a jump from that to D&D. Are there exceptions? Tons. But like you, I am making a generalization--it'd be a much less fun read if I kept saying "this does not apply to all cases of _____" throughout.

I do see a correlation in obsession with anime girls and J-list and a lack with female contact because my experience is such. I went through highschool and am currently going through university (heading for med school) with anime geek all around me--and if there's one thing they're lacking in, it's the ability to talk to a girl under normal circumstances. Where I come from, that's a fair assumption. This assumption was backed up by Langdon Alger:

"I just found it ironic that this all came from a guy who has never been in a relationship, of any kind, in his life...but I guess after going on many solo trips to the strip clubs and spending who knows how much money on've finally been able to find the truth..."

Again with the assumptions: assuming Langdon is correct, my problem with you, then, would be that I don't see you as qualified at all to comment on women in general, as you are doing. In your experience, you've found women to be shallow, two-faced liars and all that, correct? I wonder why: strippers like rich men because rich men pay well and help the strippers feed their families. They also like physically attractive men because it is obviously easier to give a lap dance to a hot stud than a fat geek.

Whoa. Everything is so clear all of a sudden, eh?

My comment about the other contributors allowing this to reach the front page (by front page, I mean what you see when you type in "" to your browser bad and hit Enter) arises from the fact that most blogs/internet forums I regularly read are moderated, as in when something judged to be in poor taste/quality, it is removed or stopped from being published by a team of people, who decide whether this content is something that the website wants to be associated with. So since this is not only staying on the blog, but also being regularly updated, I'd say it's fair judgment that the other contributors/editors agree with your opinions.

I am "waiting by this blog to see if [you]’ll dignify your ravings by responding to them" because I've dignified you with a response, and common courtesy demands that I see what you have to say to defend your points before I move on to bigger and better things, like studying for my organic chemistry exam on the 16th. There is one thing worse than having your opinion made absurd, and that is having your opinion ignored--I try not to do that to people. Like you, I, too, march on in the futile hope of convincing you to share my views.

Finally, women-hating doesn't make you "real men, real individuals" anymore than wearing Avril Lavigne clothes (wait, actually--you'd be a pretty big individual if you're a guy and wears Avril clothes). Doesn't help that you take pride in being able to "openly express these facts without feeling ashamed or fearful of what your kind will think of us": you make it sound like you're a gay man in the 1950s. It's one thing to have hobbies, another thing to lose your grip on reality (whether your hobbies caused the loss-of-grip is, in all regards, irrelevant).

On a completely unrelated side-note, I'd like to adopt the phrase "intellectual insect". I like it.

Anonymous said...

Man if you got an exam on the 16th u r seriously procrastinating... are you confident in passing already?

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

A popular term being thrown out there nowadays is tirade.

For those who don't know what it means here's a definition for you all.

tirade |ˈtīˌrād; ˌtīˈrād| noun
a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation : a tirade of abuse.

Tian Jiang's "tirade" reminds me of Michael Richards toungue lashing at that LA comedy club which was useless ranting and a lot of hot air. Sorry Tian, keep jerking you're only hurting yourself from the undeniable truth that SOG preaches. If you think SOG's words are false. Why don't you go and spit yo'game to some fly chick and tell us the results.

Anyways, Preach On SOG!

BVA said...

Man. Some chick really has this tian jiang guy by the sack. He clearly has not been frustrated enough by women. Keep jumping into the "friend zone" tian and soon you will see the light.

P.S. SoG, That shot about meatheads graduating from high school because they could throw a football hurt.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Hey Tian! Eat a Dick!

Tsuji desu, & allow me to do what my relatives in the Japanese Imperial Army did to your relatives back in ole WWII & give you the ole bitch slap to the dome piece yo.

On second thought just read my comment, it's right above yours in your "oh so well written" comment on SoG's post.

Fuck I can feel your anger from where I'm sitting Tian.

You admitted yourself that your track record is only slightly better than SoG's, I didn't think ANYONE could get any worse than SoG's track record! Any fucken ways, unlike you & SoG I fucked mad bitches. I fucked mad bitches AND I co-sign on his shit because it's the same shit I have found out through my own experience.

Don't get all pussy on me because of the way we talk here it's just for fun,
if you don't like it then don't stop by anymore, it's not for you. We say what we want, when we want. We love to have fun & we love the truth. The truth is hard to swallow like deez nuts in your mouth Tian.

Go study for your test already man geez. Because of your shit my post got knocked the fuck off the page you assholes.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Oh yeah, and THE ONLY reason why you're pissed is because SoG's opinion is indecent & WRONG!

"Having a shred of decency hardly constitutes standing at the front of pickets for fair treatment. I don't defend them with "vigor and venom", either--I regularly call them out for bullshit."

So... you are a decent dude huh. kjhfdskfskdfjhk fuck the more I read your shit the more funny it gets!

What bullshit do you call them out on Tian?

I can hear you now:
"Panteen ProV shampoo couldn't possibly be better then Garnier Fructise?"

Sprinkle me with examples to illustrate the point you are trying to make because so far the only reason I can find for your panty hose getting all bunched up is that you think SoG & his theory are indecent & that his belief is that all women are shallow toys not to be treated with respect.

I personally find his post to be true but I do not hate women. I happen to know SoG does not hate women either because I actually READ his post cock snot.

Not once did I read anything in SoG's post that suggested that he hated women, but all of us hate the bullshit women spit, if you actually had a penis you'd admit at least that much Tian. But what you believe to be a penis between your legs is actually a two inch long clitoris.

Men run game all the time & my own dating/mating criteria would be classified by most men & women as being as deep as a puddle. I will call BULLSHIT when I see it though & I choose not to waste my time with it. That doesn't mean I hate anyone or disrespect people.

Except you Tian. I hate you because you're such a stupid poo poo head.

"Your opinion does matter, as does the content of your soul, "son of gigan" m'boy--your opinion is that all women are shallow toys not to be treated with respect, and your soul is filled with ignorance and unjustified hatred."

The content of your soul?

I'll bet you 30,000 yen which is how much it costs me to bang a street hooker in Shimbashi that if I cracked open your soul all I'd find is ka ka & poo poo.

Oh, & I'm sorry about all the colorful language but... I had, count em', THREE Bartles & James winecoolers at dinner & I'm feeling kind frisky.


Anonymous said...

LOL Tsuji :P You're drunk!

I do hate women a little bit LOL

Son of Gigan said...

Tian, I highly doubt that were getting bored waiting for me to respond. Because the stress you obviously suffered after reading my work must've kept your head spinning and heart pounding. And you tried to relieve it by CONTINUING to comment again and again.

You need to thank YODC for saving you from your torment. Because quite frankly I stopped checking the comments on Chapter 1 about two weeks ago. I had already completed the epic Chapter 2, and was working on Chapter 3 when I was told by another contributor that some guy was acting up on Chapter 1 and needed to be put in his place. But seeing as you have a habit of being behind, I figured your education was better late than never.

Please refrain from giving any more meandering explanations, examples and excuses as to why and how you're not trying to impress women with your assault on my supposed lack of decency. Your agenda has already been exposed. Because the fact of the matter is, if you really weren't trying to get women's attention, if you really had as much respect for them as you claim to, you'd let them defend themselves.

Also keep in mind that your less-than-outgoing "female friend" that you claim not to be attracted to is reading my posts and liking them. That burns you up, doesn't it? You want, no NEED to defend her and her feelings and show her how wrong I am. That's what big sisters are for. Hey, maybe you're not lusting after her after all. But are you POSITIVE that she's the ONLY one with the vagina?

Also, please don't flatter yourself by thinking that I confused you with being a jock. I said you SOUNDED like one. Your words were disdainful and witless. And now you've resorted to the poor man's version of celebrity name-dropping. Med school? Snowboarding? Do you take the Beamer or the Range Rover? Does your cashmere scarf match your gloves? Seriously Tian, what was the point of mentioning any of that? I'm not going to think any more of you because of that, and I couldn't possibly think any less.

And amazingly you've managed to become even more condescending about D&D players. You say that your opinions come from experience. Judging by your words, I can guarantee that I know a whole hell of a lot more about women than you know about D&D players.

I've tried to play Dungeons & Dragons; I couldn't get into it. But I know a few things about it. First, you have to have friends to play it. You have to be SOCIAL. It encourages getting together and working as a team. Next, it fosters the imagination. Hardcore D&D players from the 80s are now running companies, writing books, designing games, making big checks and yes, getting girls. But in your tiny, tiny world, "using a role playing game to facilitate contact with other human beings" is less acceptable than using snowboarding to do the same. A group of buddies having a good time on the slopes is not as "socially inept" as a group of buddies having a good time rolling dice.

Langdon Alger was right about me. I do enjoy gentlemen's clubs immensely. And I've spoken to a lot of entertainers in my day. But I've spoken to and dealt with many more "regular" women (hint - they're not that different). Langdon Alger doesn't shadow me day by day. He has his own life and knowing everything about mine isn't part of it. How do you know that we even live in the same country? To take a lone comment from him (that I admittedly found funny) and blanket it over me just compounds your ignorance about me, my writing and this entire subject.

The Indisputable Truth has clearly hit you hard, Tian, despite how you pretend to want to dismiss me as some socially bankrupt loser. If you really felt that way you wouldn't have responded at all, especially with the animosity you discharged in post after post.

Chapter 3 is coming up. I suggest you let go of your rage and read it carefully, as well as Chapter 2. Your "female friend" will. If I can get that lightbulb in your skull flickering for the first time, I'll be a success. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Son of Gigan said...

Bva, don't worry about anything that happens in high school. Socially, what you'll learn there is about as relevant as super long division. People who hang onto high school experiences, whether good or bad, are doomed never to become complete adults.

Oh, were you saying that you WERE one of the guys that only graduated because he could throw a football? Oh my...

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

now that the fire has gone down a little (which I hope so)... allow me add my two cents from a reader's view...

Even though, my previous comment to SoG's Chapter 1, has been thrown out of the window by him, I agree with a lot of things that SoG had highlighted, especially in Chapter 2. Before I met my fiance, all my previous fatalistic relationships reflect much on his past two writings. There are a few things which I disagree, but if there is no convincing of SoG, then so be it...

See, Tian Jiang, there is no need to get all-worked up over this, and no need to take it too seriously... if you disagree, just say a few words if you like, walk away if you must. No point dragging it on and on. Let your friend voice her opinion herself if she has to. Chances are that she probably brought the matter up for conversation's sake only. No point starting a crusade over something that your friend has brought up at the spur of a moment, which may change faster than you think.

No hard feelings. Peace ^_^

Tsuji Eriku said...

Oh, I'm just clownin' that's all. Anybody that knows YODC knows that we clown & anything & everything is GAME. I can find some humor in something as horrible & terrifying as prison rape & as dark as death, but Jesus if we can't just kick it & clown what's the use?

and BVA couldn't throw a football he was just a wall of flesh that was too big for a defensive lineman to get around,

BVA said...

I can too throw a football. Just the same I was a wall of flesh in high school. And yes, I'm sure my limited skills on the gridiron may have got me through a class or two. That being said, I challenge tian jiang to prove just one of SoG's statements wrong. Just one. Give us all one specific example of where he has made a false statement. I'll admit. I scoured these posts looking for one thing I could argue with. I couldn't find one.

By the way. The best thing about this site is that they don't moderate each other. Hell, I'm not interested in half the stuff they post yet everyday I'm here to see if there is something great to read like the "Undisputable Truth" series. The fact that they don't moderate it is what makes it great.

Justin said...

Something that amuses me about all this, which I've noticed from the very first post and all through this long argument - does anyone here, on either side, actually like women? I don't mean in a 'I want to fuck them' way, I mean, as in like them as human beings with whom it's enjoyable and interesting to spend time. I find that the extremely instrumental approach to women (i.e. the only reason to be bothered with them is sex) generally produces this kind of view, that is, that women inhabit some kind of parallel universe full of dark thickets of contradictory statements and arcane rituals which must be learned and penetrated if you're to return safely with the Holy Grail of Pussy.

Is SoG right? I believe that he is; with the caveat that what constitutes 'attractiveness' can vary substantially from person to person. And what of it?

I've lived and studied in Japan before, and am returning there in a few months, but my motivations have less to do with gaming or anime than they do with the fact that there are clothing stores in Takeshita-dori that have stuff you just can't get anywhere else, and I want to get Japanese language editions of some Mishima novels from Kinokuniya. Does this make me somehow not 'real', or worse yet, gay? I'd be amused if anyone thought so. On the whole, I find women more interesting than men. This wasn't always the case; most women (like most guys) only get interesting once they've lived a little; if you're thinking in terms of the average high school or college girl, you're in most cases going to be dealing with an idiot. And what of it? Are women liable to say things they don't mean, or (worse yet) even be openly contradictory? Yeah, no shit. Does this make them somehow less worthy of friendship, or anything else?

And to forestall some objections - am I saying this just to get pussy? Not likely; in addition to having a steady girlfriend, I have a number of female friends I could hook up with if I wanted to, but in most cases I'm more interested in just hanging out with them. There's no one - female or otherwise - likely to be reading this that I'm especially interested in impressing, one way or the other. This is just my two cents. Am I saying that anyone is somehow wrong for taking the 'instrumental' approach? No, I'm just pointing out that it's not the only way. Keep in mind, it's not the 'Indisputable Truth' that I'm objecting to, it's more the implication (present in a number of comments here) that it's a justification to be done with women entirely.

Anonymous said...

I'm Homo-social ^_^

Anonymous said...

all of this is bullshit. you either got game or you dont. if y'all can't work the bitch don't fuck with the bitch. if a bitch don't like you then move on to the next bitch. git wid da program suckas or stay lonely!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Srangely appropriate:

wu-tang-shaolin_wordwide-esc @ radio blog club :)

Anonymous said...

LOL not that we b killin people though X)

Langdon Alger said...


Son of Gigan said...

Justin, to answer your question about women as friends...I could do with or without them. There are plenty of females at work with whom I'm extremely friendly and that I have no thought of "hooking up" with. But could I spend extended amounts of time with them? Probably not. I've had platonic female friends in the past and I thought everything was fine, and they ALL wound up being insane. Remember, whether they're attractive or not, attracted to you or not, ALL women are chemically imbalanced. If you spend enough time with them, they will ALL eventually do things that completely defy human logic. If you want to endure that, you're a much more patient man than me.

Haven't you ever heard women say that they'd rather "hang out" with guys than girls? They say it's because females are catty, overly dramatic and insecure. You hear this and you think you've found a normal person to have a friendship with. It'll seem nice for a while, but in due time she'll crack and start acting crazily. You see, women CANNOT be treated like "one of the guys," despite what they may insist. They MUST be treated differently, preferentially, or they'll explode. You won't know any of this is happening until it's too late.

It's not a matter of "liking" or "disliking" women. A FRIENDSHIP shouldn't be emotionally taxing or mentally baffling. A friendship shouldn't be hard work.

Son of Gigan said...

Anonymous, please stay tuned for my future chapters. I admire your success with the bitches, but with all due respect, I will teach you why there is NO SUCH THING AS "GAME."

Anonymous said...

SOG, first off thanks for the compliment, but there is a thing such as "game." the term game is a metaphor for one's actions and attempts to attract another mate by verbal communication. "game" does not involve the physical, but it is more of a mental and verbal process to manipulate and even exaggerate ones status to make another believe he/she is desireable. Thus, "game" is real because it comes from the person who advocates it.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.

ps. you can call me YadaYadaYada :)