Dec 20, 2006

Club Tales: SoG's first time

All right, I'm implenting a new feature. Basically, if you've got a good strip club story, tag it with "Club Tales" and then spill it...

This took place years ago: So Furious George and I finally got Son of Gigan to come with us to a club. We walked in, sat down and showed him some of the basics -- like, if an unattractive dancer (subjective) comes up to hustle you right away, just tell her, "...oh, we just got here, we're going to hang out a little bit first..."

There was a moment in the night where Furious George was at the tip rail tossing out some dollar bills and SoG and I were kicking back at a table. "You know what's cool about this?" SoG asked, "...the camaraderie..."

The funny part was that before SoG could get to the word "camaraderie," I was already standing up to ditch him and head to the tip rail.

And that's the first lesson: Someone has to stay behind to watch the table.


Tsuji Eriku said...

I was so nervous my first time at a strip club I went to the restroom & threw up, no shit.

Son of Gigan said...

I, too was aprehensive before my first time. But when I walked through those doors, took a deep breath and looked around I thought....I'm home.