Dec 22, 2006

Berryz's "Munasawagi Scarlet" Music Fighter perf.

Goddamn those Music Fighter people know how to film a performance. When I compare this to the crappy way Hello! Morning filmed this, Hello! Morning should be ashamed of themselves!

(I just DL'd this @ H!O and in the absence of any better dance version (or some such) I think I'll keep it :) )


Wu-san said...

dear god. I must admit, those starting moves were...bloody damn good!!!! I'm slightly shocked, or hypnotized.

yeh I agree, everything looked like a pantomime, as H!M's set would dictate. Music Fighter did a good job.

At the same time, you can't diss H!M's effort too much. As Craig, If you were the camera man, I'd either expect a very shakey camera (you can explain why LOL) or, this is probably more accurate, the camera flung on the floor and, I'll go for the safe option here-a dancing craig on screen.

Oh hell, 7 girl shaped holes in the far wall with an 8th shape that definitly does not resemble an Idol. You can come up with a motive behind these...human shaped holes lol.

the one Berryz member I would happily grow younger for, she looked as cool as hell in the video.

fun post Craig, enjoyed it :P. Even if it was just, all things considered, a video post :)

Anonymous said...


Kings of Barry said...

she said "yes my lub." 3 cheers for that.

Anonymous said...

Hehe also there's a bit where it sounds like one of the girls is singing "Whore" :P

Anonymous said...

WHORE ?1 I can't hear . . . That's probably because I understand . <<;