Feb 25, 2006

F-pop ...that's right, you heard me.

A couple of weeks ago at the team summit, I threatened the guys with posting some filipino beauties up here (no offense, Bryanboy ), so I now present to you ROXANNE BARCELO.

The lovely 21-year old (too old for you guys?) is currently holed up in the Pinoy Celebrity Big Brother house. Seriously? That's a show?

I don't even think she sings, but cut me some slack ...f-pop? There is NO f-pop.

Who is Freefall Jones?


JuanJohn said...

good idea,
Japan is cool and all and has many lovely ladies, but thats not all there is to be found in the far east!
People forget about China, Korea and many other asian nations.

Langdon Alger said...

aw geez...there really is no "race" criteria here on the blog so post any type of beauties you like....but please..don't post any f-pop..New features to look forward to on the blog: "Bollywood Beauties" courtesy of Samuel Weinstein and uh.."Aboroginal Angels" from new member Outback Jack..