Feb 11, 2006

Personal stuff...

Hello all,
Now I normally keep the personal stuff to my own blog but I wanted some opinions. So I decided to post my latest blog here. I've known this girl for maybe 3-4 weeks. She started working with me and I instantly fell in love. (well, not real love but I thought she was pretty cool(^_^)
anyways, I later find out she has a boyfriend that she maybe met a week or two before me. Now she suspects him of cheating with his ex so she is thinking about moving on. Now I thought I had no chance with this girl until she asks me out!!!
Very non-chalantly, she asked me my plans after work today and if I wanted to go with her for some drinks after work. I was shocked but managed to cough out a "yes, sure" or something like that.
To be honest thats the first time that's happened to me but here is my problem. Right before we we're supposed to go out tonight, she was fired!
For something stupid that wasn't even her fault, and I was no where around when they fired her. So when I came out of the kitchen she had gone because she was upset.
So do I give her a call or not since she still does have a boyfriend and really didn't give me her number. My boss gave it to me. I feel wierd about the whole thing.
what do you all think?


Terrence Maddox said...

As much as I'd want to, I don't think I'd call since she never gave the # directly. Unless you think you guys were cool enough that she'd be happy to hear from you regardless. It sounds like that might be the case but only you (& her) know for sure. Email is nerdy but not as direct.

JuanJohn said...

I think she'd be happy to hear from me, but its just with her having problems with the guy she is with right now, I'm not sure if that would be a good thing to do.

Langdon Alger said...

nevermind what Terrence thinks..you should call her, since she left work "upset," you can always call and say that your just "checking up on her and seeing if she's alright."

Tsuji Eriku said...

Do you know her boyfriend? Can he kick your ass? If the answer to my last question is yes, then I would say to hell with it because unless you can be sure that you can spark something with her it's not even worth the drama. Traditionally Otaku anime nerds are not good at fighting. The exception of course is me because I kick alot of ass on many levels. Also I have heard from many women that being a tattle tale player hater can be a turn off. Meaning if you were to be hella nice to her & just verbally bash her boyfriend you could be doing more harm than good for YOURSELF. Of course if you GENUINELY value her FRIENDSHIP then go after her & make sure she's ok man. These pearls of wisdom are free of charge THIS TIME, ja ne.

JuanJohn said...

Thanks for the advice,
I do value having her friendship, but I of course would like to be more then just a friend to her. Its hard just staying friends with a girl your attracted too.
I don't bad mouth her boyfriend, I'm just being myself with her, which is one of the reasons why I like her. I can be myself around her more easily then most people I first meet. Hard to explain but either way I did give her a call.
She didn't answer but left me a voice mail saying I could call her any time, and I think she invited me to her place to watch a movie after work if I got out early enough, but I didn't hear that part so well and I got out really late, so I didn't call. I will tommorrow though.