Feb 28, 2006

Hikaru's daily PV pick up

Here are my favorite daily PV picks.

First PV is "Earthship," by SweetS. I love this song! SweetS is one
of my favorite groups. I know some of y'all are not into jpop, but this PV is worth checking out.

Next PV is for the Hip Hop heads in here. This PV is called "It's Okay," by Shakkazombie feat. Dabo.
The bigger half of Shakkazombie is very reminiscent of Big Pun. Anyways great track.

and this last PV is in heavy rotation in my Ipod. The song is called "Sunshine," by Ai.
Very Sexy. Her voice is soulful and melodic. I definitely recommend this Artist if
you ever want to get into Japanese RnB.

Look out for more great music around your way! Enjoy!


Tsuji Eriku said...

hehe, Dabo does it again. This time with Nihon's answer to Fat Joe & Big Pun HOLLA!!! AI is tearing it up once again. SweetS.....too much good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

iie. dou itashimashite. I love this stuff!