Feb 14, 2006

Heartbreak Soup

After breaking open a can of Chef Lonely Hearts Soup For One, it was hard not to remenisce about the one that got away. After that, I called A and B for a trip to C. In which "A" is "Son of Gigan," and "B" is "Langdon Alger." The "C" ? ..."Centerfolds" of course. A+B+C=Double Ds

And now for something completely different. Here's a couple of clips from BBC's original "The Office," the first with hapless bossman David Brent reliving his glory days as a singer/songwriter during a mandatory office morale meeting:

The setup on this next clip is a little long but it's worth it to watch a jealous David Brent try to outdo his manager's disco moves. More sad than heartbreaking:

...and speaking of the heartbreaking inability to dance, watch Johnny Gill not tear it up with these dance moves:

Who is Freefall Jones?

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