Feb 15, 2006

A Day Late..

Yes, its me the infamous ThongChai. I know its been a long time since I wrote on this blog, but the excuse is I was just too lazy to write something on here. So here is my story. (FINALLY)

A couple of years ago, (maybe 3 years ago) I would talk to this one girl from Fremont. (I think) Let's name her "M." "M" would call me all the time and we would talk about work, school, music etc etc. On Valentine's Day that year, Goapele was performing near the Fillmore. It was a jazz club right on Fillmore, not to far from the venue. Being the Goapele fan I am, I had to go see this show. I called "M" to invite her to this event and she said yes. I was excited for this "date." The only downside of this date was that I had to pick her up in Fremont then head back to SF. At that time, I did not care about picking her up, but now when I think about it. What the hell was I thinking?? haha

So I swooped "M" at her apartment and the date begins. Normally, I would take her to Zacherys and have a nice dinner, but I figured that it would be better if we head to the bar so we don't have to pay to get in. We got there on time and we had a few drinks. "M" was getting twisted from the alcohol. Before Goapele performed, they had a dj "spinning" on the turns. We both was getting close on the dance floor, I was thinking to myself, "damn this girl can dance." "M" and I danced throughout the night and we had more drinks. She was getting pretty f'ed up. Finally, Goapele performed. Goapele did her thing and did some tracks off the "Even Closer" album. "M" was in front of me and she grabbed my arms and put it around her and started holding my hand. "What the F?" I was thinking she must be really drunk and she is feeling clingy or she wants some tonight. HAHA...My expectations wasn't high when that incident happened. All, I thought was she was really drunk and she needed someone to be there for her.

We left the club and headed back to my car. All of sudden, "M" says, "E, I'm not feeling well." Oh great, a girl who can't hold her alcohol. As was we walked to my car, she decides to sit on the sidewalk where my car is parked. GREAT! She is about to throw up next to my car and she DID! There goes my plan to make a move on her and kiss her. hahaha. So we sat on the curb for a good hour, I was rubbing her back and making sure she was ok. One other thing that disgusted me, was homegirl pissed on the side too. I was dying. hahahaha. I couldn't believe it. What did I get myself into. Once she was fine, we headed back to Fremont. "M" asked me to pull over again and I got off 880 and parked in some residential area and she threw up in front of some house. I felt bad, but what can you do. It was her choice to drink that much.

I finally got "M" home and she thanked me for the great evening. She felt bad that I had to babysit her, but I told her it was not a problem. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we went our separate ways. I haven't kept in touch with her since. Maybe one day, I'll look her up or call her number. I still have it.

I've learned from this experience, take a girl out who could hold her alcohol or knows her limits. Its not fun babysitting someone for a couple of hours and not get anything out of it. HAHAHAHAAHA


Freefall Jones said...

Is this for real? I'm suspicious because you said you danced all night. Don't you dance like Elaine Benes? haha

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

at least she didn't puke on your shoes! invite her to your b-day party! YAY!

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...
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