Feb 10, 2006


With today's paycheck & travel reimbursement check deposited, my 2 month period of having no $ thanks to my splintered car down payment ends today. It'll be nice to have $ to get around and do shit again, but the last 2 months made me see that I can get by spending for necessities and not putting too much on the little material luxuries I've gotten used to, such as extra shirts, jerseys, dvds, etc. I'm not saying I'll be cheapo Super K from now on, but I'll put more of an effort into finding a happy medium between saving money & enjoying as well as rewarding myself. Starting w/ some fat sushi rolls from the local joint tonight.

My roomie voiced concern over what I already feared: our favorite neighbor seems to have moved away from the block. I may have told LA about her before, but for the rest of the A-team: 2 houses away there lived this really hot chick (No I still haven't seen Nice & Shiny since that day, FJ). We could never steal that good of a look @ her since she was often w/ her large Brian Grant-looking boyfriend, but imagine an amateur-era Kaylani Lei w/ a better body. She could've been Filipina or Latina. Her car was always parked on the driveway during the day, but she was always coming & going in the late night/early morning. Her made-up appearance, tight tight bod, & lack of a nursing uniform made us believe she was a stripper, if not a bartender. Alas, our occasion cheap thrill is gone...but within the same discussion, my roomie also said he & our other friends were outside closing up the car when some "super hot" chick in a tank top & running pants walked up the street, trolling med-sized luggage. With a Hello to the guys, she turned into our building and made her way into one of the adjacent units. The guys felt dumb since their conversation was involuntarily reduced to whispering as the chick walked by. I assured them that girls that hot must be used to it, if they notice at all. Now it's just a matter of seeing this specimen myself, as well as finding out if she's here for more than a night or two. Out w/ the hot & In w/ the hot. It's almost like evolution.

"It's all about the Hamiltons, baby!" -Parnell & Samberg.

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Freefall Jones said...

Man, you better get some updates on Nice & Shiny, foo. You should actually just go out there and start washing her car for her. I'm sure that'll bring her out thinking, "what the hell?"