Oct 19, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week..."For The Love Of Risa...and Reina Too" Edition

Artists: Risa Niigaki , Reina Tanaka, Saki Nakajima & Maimi Yajima
Single: Jankenpyon!

Jankenpyon! video DL


CJ Marsicano said...

Dearest darling Reina Tanaka,

I love you, but what were you, Risa and the two then-future C-utes thinking two years ago when you did this?!?

- Ceej

Rangudon Argeru said...


aw c'mon..it look like Reina was having a helluvalot of fun doing that song =)

CJ Marsicano said...

She's only allowed to wear that MiniMoni outfit on our honeymoon >:)