Oct 15, 2007

Wait Till I Get My Munny Right...

you all saw Freefall's Hobbes munny that he posted on YODC a few weeks back...and I know you bastards love it when we do "team" type things on the blog where EVERYONE contributes(ie: the what's your desktop posts) and I know you all have just a smidge of artistic talent..even SoG.....so...I hereby officially announce the 1st Annual YODC Custom Munny Off......each of you will customize your own munny...use markers, crayons, chalk,stickers, ketchup...whatever...doesn't have to be all fancy schmancy..just do your best..even if that means drawing 2 dots and a line for a face..

for custom ideas and more info on the Munny, check the official Kidrobot Munny website here

recommended tools to use for your munny:

Acrylic Paint
Crayons(yes..crayons do work)
Sharpie Water Based Poster Paint Pens - these seem to be the only markers that work really well on vinyl..they're just hard to find though..the only place I've been able to find them(besides online) is Aaron Bros.
and if you want to get really fancy...Super Sculpey

Kidrobot's DIY Munny can be found at various online stores but Rocketpop seems to have them at the lowest price.. if you don't want to order over the web and don't have a Kidrobot Store near by(in SF,LA and NY..soon Miami) Urban Outfitters usually carries KR merchandise..

if you want to get your ideas down on paper before starting on your munny...you can go here and download a template..

deadline for completion of your munny will be the end of THIS year so that gives all of you lazy ass's plenty of time..and it would be nice if you made blog entries showing the progress of your custom..

so hop to it bastards......oh..there's no prize or incentives to completing your munny..I just thought it would be a interesting thing to do...

AND....if any of you guys out there(yeah I'm talking to the 5 people that visit YODC everyday) want to participate..please do..


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if regular sharpies are good on a munny... because my munny looks good so far with the ink still on it. Hopefully they dry completely on the surface.

Rangudon Argeru said...

problem with regular sharpies is that the ink tends to bleed into the vinyl over time making lines and such not as crisp and sharp as they used to be..plus if you're using a black sharpie, it'll turn a tad purple after awhile