Jul 31, 2008


Dateline: Saturday, May 25th at approximately 5:20pm..As FJ, SoG and I took pictures outside the San Jose Convention Center after spending a good part of the afternoon at Fanime 2008, I spotted something mingling amongst the costumed convention goers...It was the elusive OTAKUS MAJOR

rarely scene in daylight, let alone out in public, this normally shy creature likes to stay within the confines of his domicile preferring the company of inanimate objects, such as action figures, and 2 dimensional images, such as in anime videos and manga, rather than live human contact..

this specimen was rather bold to venture out in public but the call of the annual migration of his fellow otakus to Fanime was too strong for him to resist...he did come prepared though...dawning his somewhat stylish wrap around sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong rays of the sun and making sure to put on extra weight to sustain his long wait for the bus trip home or the ride from his mother who would be picking him up in front of the convention center at a predetermined time.

I tried to get closer to OTAKUS MAJOR, but apparently I wandered to close to his "comfort zone" and he picked up his briefcase filled with manga(or crackers) and scurried away..but I was able to capture a rare shot of a female OTAKUS MAJOR crossing paths with this male specimen...as expected, they did not acknowledge each other

in this final picture...I attempted to hide behind the spray of the water fountains in front of the convention center and continue to observe OTAKUS MAJOR but I had pressed my luck..he had spotted me..it was an intense moment..I could do nothing but back off with my hands raised...however, in my retreat..I was able to snap one last image of this often misunderstood creature....

In the coming weeks, I will be making a trip to another Anime Convention..there, I hope to capture on film, for the first time.......WHITUSTRASHUS OTAKUS MULLETUS

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Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

you are so lucky that OTAKUS MAJOR didn't rush you while rotating his arms like Bart vs. Lisa...