Jun 25, 2008

Jeeja Yanin - The NEW Queen of YODC?

Seeing as how I've taken it all upon myself to appoint the queen of our little world (and by the way, this isn't a democracy), it's not without deep thought and some regret that I have to bump my beloved Ayako Miyake from her throne.

You see, every once in a while Freefall Jones stops scratching himself long enough to show me something interesting, and late last year he sent me this movie trailer:

The movie is called Chocolate, it's Thai, and it's from the creator of Ong-Bak and Tom-Yum-Goong. Since I saw the trailer I became obsessed with the film and its young star. I was recently able to obtain a copy of Chocolate, and when I finished watching it I had only one thought: "The queen is dead. Long live The NEW Queen." Then I pleasured myself. Get ready to bow down to YODC royalty: Jeeja Yanin.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear the comments from the peanut gallery: "She looks like a kid!" "She's skinny!" "She doesn't have jiggly boobs!" Like Ms. Miyake, her queenliness lies in her ability to smash a human skull into tiny fragments, despite looking like something you could hold in the palm of your hand and blow into the wind like pixie dust. In Jeeja's (real name: Yanin Vismistananda) case, her skull smashing is done with her knees and elbows. She's a real-life taekwondo and muay thai expert. And jiggly boobs will be the last thing on your mind when she's KICKING YOU IN THE THROAT. In Chocolate, Jeeja uses no stunt double and no CG effects. Simply put, this sweet little sprite is F'N DEADLY. Keep that in mind, and you may just feel like pleasuring yourself to these adorable photos (*cough*CRAIG*cough*).

Oh yeah, Chocolate is absolutely mind-blowing. The trailer does not do it justice. I will have a full review of it soon. Until then, we salute you, our NEW Queen!

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