Jul 9, 2008

F**k You, Miley!

To paraphrase the late great George Carlin, Fuck Miley Cyrus in her asshole with a big rubber dick, then break it off inside her and beat her to death with the rest.

And the same thing goes for Dave Matthews.


Rangudon Argeru said...


Julia said...

Okay seriously, that was just unnecessary. Rather disgustingly so. It's one thing to dislike a celebrity, but THIS is going too far. What makes you think it's okay to write something like that about a girl you've never met before who's done nothing to you? (And I DO NOT like her music or care about her at all, so don't think I'm saying this because of that. I could care less about her career, but this REALLY bothered me. You are going way too far.)

CJ Marsicano said...

@Julia: I just saw your response today. I respect your opinion and I'm sorry if the joke (and it IS a joke) disturbed you but please realize that the statement I made is absolutely and deliberately ludicrous (consider the source I paraphrased the quote from, George Carlin's "Back In Town" CD - Carlin said the same thing about Mickey Mouse! I am presuming you have never listened to any of his material.), and it's not something I'd ever say at the Pagoda or even through "Reina" on SHSSF.

Also, if I had to restrict my commentary on celebrities to people I know, I'd only be able to write about Mike Watt and Jello Biafra. Publicly known people are fair game for commentary, both serious and satirical. I don't have to know Miley to make fun of her.

Tsuji Eriku said...

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