Apr 20, 2007

Ya lookin' for trouble?

...as if a Double-Double at In-N-Out Burger wasn't bad enough.

As we were walking in to the restaurant, T-Bear mentioned that you could get smothered fries. She described it as fries with grilled onions, cheese, and their house spread. I'm a sucker for any insider lingo -- which is why I like to sometimes order my burger "animal style" -- so I walked up to the cute cashier (this is the Pinole In-N-Out for you cashier stalkers out there) and ordered a burger, soda, and smothered fries.

"...the what-fries?" she asked.

"Uhh...smothered?" I answered, quickly looking around for T-Bear who had already placed her order and was conveniently too far away for me to yell at.

"...do you mean animal-style fries?" the cashier wondered hoping to set me straight.

"O-k." I answered doing my best Brian-Regan-stupid-face.

So how were the fries? Not pretty, but de-freakin'-icious. ...in one heaping fork-load I had effectively cancelled out all the brown rice, veggies, and chicken breast I had been eating all week.

UPDATE: more on the secret menu


craig said...

Ooo lord killer food right there :o (seems yummy though.)

craig said...

(LOL Brian Regan faces :P )

Tsuji Eriku said...

you will for pay in flesh for that, they should rename that shit bloody toilet seat fries

Freefall Jones said...

alskdjf;ladjfa -- I was totally prepared for gastric shenanigans, but In-N-Out doesn't really screw you over like that.

This morning when I made my morning delivery? Solid as a rock. ...a "one-wiper" if you will.

Randy said...

I've never tried this, but I wonder if you can order animal style fries WELL DONE. I've always ordered either animal style OR well done, never both at the same time.