Apr 10, 2007

Follow Up to Freefall's Post

I guess I wasn't the only one searching for Eddie Murphy's "Hymietown" skit from SNL..looks like a few people stumbled upon YODC while doing a search on google...and what was the first site listed on the first page when people typed in "Hymietown clip" into the google search bar?

THEY now know fellow YODCers..so don't be suprised if late one nite, a group of hasidics come barging into your home and drag you away!!!...I kid I kid...I love the gentiles...they're good people..


Craig said...

Someone's e-mail is showing @ the top of the page is that OK?

Langdon Alger said...

thanks for pointing that out..I totally didn't notice..

Phil said...

Okay so where can I find they hymietown? I'm just too lazy to bust out the vhs tape and rip it.