Apr 10, 2007

Champion of the Day:
Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson is the Rainbow Warrior, he comes from parts unknown to battle racial prejudice whenever a news camera is around. Here's how his appearance on the Today Show went (to discuss that goblin Don Imus' racist comments):


(from newsbusters.org)

MEREDITH VIEIRA: But people do say stupid things some times. And Reverend Jackson, I apologize, but some of your critics reminded me of 1984, and I remember it as well. You were running for president, and you referred to New York City as as "Hymietown." And you were raked over the coals for that. A lot of people said you were anti-Semitic, John Lennon [?]. And it took you seven days to apologize, and then you begged for forgiveness. So what's the difference between that and this?

JESSE JACKSON: Well, if it's repetitious and if it's a pattern, that is one question but the broader context here I must say is Shaquanda Cotton being sent to jail for seven years for pushing a hall monitor. We come out of March Madness, with all the blacks on the basketball court. UCLA had 132 [black?] freshmen admitted last year. And the Final Four, 26,000 freshmen in those four schools, 2,000 were black. Last year, more black men in jail than college in every state. That's a context. In some sense this spark hits a dry field.


Whew. That totally explains his "hymietown" comment.

"He was be-boppin' and scattin' all over the place." -- George Costanza

runner(s) up: Al Sharpton, Don Imus, NBC (for taking down Eddie Murphy's "Hymietown" clip from its site)


Langdon Alger said...

I love those suits you wear..and those little curls that hang down from your hair.."

greatest SNL skit EVER!!!

Tsuji Eriku said...

nappy headed ho's

life aint fair, some people can do & say whatever they want & get away with it.

Al & Jesse can eat a fat one. There's people that needed their help that got jerked because it didn't serve them in some way.

Langdon Alger said...

and I can't find that clip anywhere on the web..I guess THEY do control the media