Jan 31, 2007

Let's Make An Optimus Prime Out Of Paper Shall We..

this is perfect for when you have time to kill at work and you want to impress the other nerds in the office..they'll come by your cubicle and say "Ooooo..Opthumus Thprime..that's thsweeet!!..how'd you make that?!!"...and you can just tell them "GET YOUR ORANGE CHEETO COVERED FINGERS OFF MY SHIT ARVID!!!"...but then they'll turn around, run straight to there desk and google "optimus prime paper figure" and find this

AND if the cute chic in the office stumbles upon "THE GREATEST AUTOBOT LEADER...EVER" sitting on your desk..you can just tell her that your nephew made it for you...she'll think its sweet and want to jump your bones...

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