Aug 29, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

It's hip to like this movie. It's got a good ensemble cast playing quirky, depressing characters thrown together in quirky, depressing situations. And it's got the appropriate alterna-retro soundtrack to match. Little Miss Sunshine is a well-packaged, smartly-marketed, hipster flick disguised as an indie film.

The story? A suicidal Proust scholar is left in the care of his sister and her family. This includes her husband, an aspiring motivational speaker; her son, a Nietschze disciple and aspiring Air Force Academy cadet currently taking a vow of silence; her daughter, an aspiring prepubescent beauty queen; and her father-in-law, a loudmouth cocaine addict.

See? Quirky, depressing characters.

High-school drama students must have flocked to this thing the same way the hyphy kids flocked to Idlewild.

What bothered me about Sunshine was that it didn't feel original. It borrowed a little from National Lampoon's Vacation, a little from Napoleon Dynamite, and A LOT from every Wes Anderson film you've ever seen. But for all its "influences", it didn't seem to have much of their subtlety. And awkward situations that were meant to be funny, just didn't make me laugh.


Who are Freefall Jones and EGMCruz?


Anonymous said...

I sorta went through a Nietzsche phase too :)

Tsuji Eriku said...

-bottle rocket check
-rushmore check
-royal tanenbaums check

Freefall Jones said...

Tsuji -- no Life Aquatic? ...dude!

Tsuji Eriku said...

gomen I haven't seen Life Aquatic yet...