Jul 7, 2006

Hyde at the Fillmore! and the Mighty Gaijin Otaku

evening jpop fans. yesterday i was fortunate enough to go see HYDE in concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco. This was my first Japanese Rock Band concert I've been to. I have to say that Hyde rocked it! Today I'm blogging about it. Let's start from the beginning. grab some pocky sticks. it's gonna be awhile.

5:oopm My little sister and I arrived at the Fillmore. No surprises here. The line was already long with people from all walks of life. You had gaijin all over the place dressed like it was a freakin' anime convention. You had otaku's sitting down indian style reading their Manga. Not just one person was doing that. It seemed that every other otaku had one...You also have the obnoxious "hyper" otaku running around like Curious George trying to go around being "cool" to everyone and getting up in your business. I felt like punching him in his face. Anyways. You also have the fat girl otaku's showing their wiggly jiggly gigiddy gigiddy boobs. Then you have the girl otaku with the stuffed animals. What's the relevance of bringing stuffed animals to a Rock Concert? Then you have the cool guys like myself putting up a front like i'm not an otaku, but really am. I just don't look like one. I know, I'm so pitiful. But hey iz all good.

7:00pm It's freakin' cold. My little sister and I had to brave the cold knowing that It will be hotter inside the Fillmore. Some bastard that lived in the apartment above from where i was standing decided to water his plants. The bastard spilled some water on me. Normally, i wouldn't mind because its water. But, hell it's freakin' cold! What a bastard.

8:00pm Doors open. Finally, the line moves. I finally could see more people. There were a couple of cuties in line. Reality kicks in and damn. Might as well put on the cuffs, man.

9:00pm Hyde makes his presence. The girls and otaku's go wild! my phone almost confiscated for trying to take pictures of Hyde and his band. Damn. Hyde's set was cool. Everyone was singing, jumping, and having a good time. My legs were a little fatigued from jumping and moshing. There was this japanese chick standing in front of me who kept rubbing her ass on my rooster. Like a good sumaritan I let her do her thang. My rooster is happy and crowing. She turned around and smiled. I didn't know what to say, but SUGOI!!! We both started laughing. Fun times y'all. fun times. Despite all the crackpot pooh i've been talking about otaku's. There's one thing I like about them. Comradory(did i spell that right?) Yes, deep down they are good people. Always showing love to each other. All they want to do is make friends and join their otaku brethren. Boku wa otaku desu ka? Yes, I am. But not your typical stereotypical one.

1200am the concert finishes. My sister and I tried to stick around to see if Hyde would come out and play and give out autographs. I don't think he did. We were there for awhile. He didn't show up so we left. I would be pissed if he came out after we left. Oh well. We had a good time. Waiting in line for three hours was interesting, but fun. Omoshirokatta and Tanoshikatta. I just wish I had some pictures to show y'all. maybe next time.


Langdon Alger said...

the chick that was "rubbing your rooster" was probably thinking "wow, this guy behind me must really like Hyde...he has a hard on!!"....you sicko...

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Hey! At least Hyde noticed my stunnigly ugly looks!