Jul 27, 2006

Goodies from heaven AKA Deep-fried Oreos

They may not look that pretty, but seriously, fried dough wrapped around an oreo is INCREDIBLE.

Today was a staff field trip day and our boss treated everyone to rollercoasters and funnel cakes at Marine World.

But a funny thing happened at the funnel cake stand. Someone noticed the Oreos dipped in funnel cake batter and deep-fried. It was all over. I have no words to describe the taste of crunchy hot dough wrapped around a warm cookie.

And if you can't pony up the cash to go to Marine World, you can make this yourself at your house.

Better yet -- A-Team... deep-fry party at Tsuji's house. Bring stuff to dip in batter. No, Thongchai, not your genitals. We can sit around and play Guitar Hero or watch videos or sumpthin.


Tsuji Eriku said...

Oh hells yeah, Langdon & Thongchai both have extra guitar controllers. haha, that looks hella good. Hikaru's gonna try & deep fry his green tea mochi ice cream.What an ass.

Langdon Alger said...

hell..I think Hikaru made an icecream sandwich with Wonder Bread once...

Tsuji Eriku said...

Yeah and he brushes his teeth before every meal.