Jul 25, 2006

Levende Thursdays: Drinks on me!

Couple weeks ago, I hit up my regular thursday night watering hole: Levende Lounge in SF. Every thursday, DJ Sake 1 holds it down with special guest djs from around the world. Celebs such as Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, Robin Thicke (Alan Thicke's son!), M-1 (dead prez), and RhymeFest have been known to show up and hang out. It's basically one of those spots to be seen at.

So on this particular thursday, Jewelz, J-What and I were celebrating the 28th b-day of my homey 'tha Ricksta.' Jewelz talked his homegirls to leave some party at Duplex and show up at Levende. So we're all chillin and into our 3rd round of drinks and crackin' jokes, makin fun of people, the usual shit we do at Levende. While 'tha Ricksta' was at the bar, J-What and I were discussing politics (and/or doing impressions of local rappers, I was too drunk to remember). Jewelz was chopping it up with his fellow 707 cohorts when the unthinkable happened. Some random dude tried hollering at his girl...well, not really his girl...let's just name her "B"...wait, no let's call her..."N" ----yeah, "N" As "N" tells dude she's not interested, random dude gets real aggressive, to the point where he's grabbing on "N." Fed up, "N" pushes dude off her, thus pissing off dude. So what does random dude do? He throws his drink at her! I shit you not, it seemed like the dude had a whole pitcher of beer, cuz he got all the girls wet, Jewelz wet, the fucken wall wet, 2 tables wet, some random black chick wet, as well as J-What and myself (we were a good 5 feet away from the incident). As the girls are telling dude off, Jewelz acts as a barrier between dude and his crew and the girls. J-What and I are thinking that Jewelz is gonna have to throw down, so we make our way to back him up, but security quickly dissolves the situation. With the help of the wet black chick (who points dude out), dude gets thrown out. The girls go outside to get some fresh air, while the rest of us are bewildered at the whole situation. I mean, the dude threw his drink at a female. Who does that shit? I thought that only happens in bad 80's sitcoms. It seemed so surreal.

Anyfuckenway, after a 1 week hiatus, I'll be returning to Levende to catch special guest DJ Eleven. And if anybody steps up, I'll be packing (waterballoons, ready to be filled up in the bathroom)! See ya next thursday.


Tsuji Eriku said...

Are you sure she didn't deserve it? Nah I'm playing. The scene has definitely changed wimmin & dudes have just lost their minds out there in the clubs. Nobody has manner these days ne. Ummmmm are you planning to fill those waterballoons with your own urine? Is that why you are waiting to fill them in the bathroom?

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

Urine, semen, blood...whatever's clever!