Sep 6, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Heavy Metal Blackmail" Edition

I'm sure many of you have heard of a heavy metal band called ManOWar:

I bring this up because their guitarist, Karl Logan, is now offering guitar lessons online for anyone with a Skype account, a guitar, an amp, and a hundred bucks:

Yes, $100. I haven't looked far into it (even though I'm seriously considering getting myself a new guitar soon, and despite the fact that I'm more of a punk rock musician), but there's got to be one way to knock down that price a little...

Suppose I told you that the guy that makes a living doing this...

...started out over 20 years ago with a band that's almost the polar opposite of Manowar?

Artist: Arc Angel
Title: Tracks of My Tears c/w Crazy (For Your Love)
Label: Countach Records
Vinyl: Standard black vinyl; small-hole 45.

Yep, when Karl Logan was still spelling his first name with a "C", the Wilkes-Barre, PA native was playing with a pseudo-Bon Jovi/Ratt glam-metal band called Arc Angel. I know this pretty much personally because I used to see these guys play at least once a month, and got to be friends with him and a couple of the other members over time.

They had a lot of great original tunes, but unforunately for their faithful coal-region following (myself included), the only original they ever released was on the B-side of a single where they Bon Jovi-ized the Smokey Robinson classic.

Whether or not Karl/Carl wants to own up to his hair-metal past is up to him (if he wants to deny it, that can be arranged, too - discounted lesson, transcription of a favorite Black Flag guitar solo, maybe a signed Manowar vinyl) - but having seen the guy several times in his pre-Manowar days (and I was quite surprised when I tried to Google for stuff about Arc Angel and discovered that Carl changed the spelling of his first name and had taken over Ross The Boss' spot in Manowar (so that Ross could go back to his old band, punk legends The Dictators), I can testify on the spot that he was a hell of a guitarist in the Randy Rhoads/Kirk Hammett mode back then - this early single barely hints at his talents, though.

I have two copies of the single - both signed by the entire Arc Angel lineup at the time (for the purposes of this blog entry, I airbrushed them out) - I wonder how much one of the copies would fetch from a diehard Manowar collector on eBay?

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