Sep 28, 2009

Recently Acquired

my latest Celga box recently arrived and I couldn't be happier..I believe I mentioned them before but just incase you forgot, celga is a proxy service that helps you bid on yahoo auctions jp as well as purchase stuff from japan based websites that normally don't ship to the, its not free, you do have to pay for their services as well has a bunch of other "fees" but I think its totally worth. I've been able to find a TON of stuff on yahoo jp that I couldn't find on ebay, that I've been looking for a LONG time and at dirt cheap prices, as well as ordering jp exclusive merch from various websites(santastic, onspotz, cap collector, ect...)
this box wasn't as big as the last one celga shipped to me but it sure did included a ton of goodies:

*the elusive Santastic exclusive Hasheem Monchichi that I've been trying to get my hands on for the past 6 years!! AND I didn't have to break the bank, that's not to say I found him really cheap but I did get him for alot less than he previously sold for
*Medicom 12in Merra from Tokyo Tribe2, got him for about $100 cheaper that what he currently sells for on ebay
*Garada K7 and Mazinger vinyl figs from Marmit
* a bunch of Yomiuri Giants vinyl banks, I think I paid less than 20 bucks total for all of them..super cheap and super kakkoii!!

my completed Hasheem self, just missing the Hasheem Bearbrick but that's not something I'm dying to pick up

more Tokyo Tribe goodness
and even more Tokyo Tribe goodness
my newly created NPB shelf(with a coupld Mickey Mouse vinyls in the background)

and the money shot of japanese robo's and as you can see, I've already run out of room..the mini Garada and Mazinger are in there somewhere

oh and I picked up these 2 dvd's the other weekend, still haven't had a chance too peep them but I'm pretty excited to watch Big Man Japan, it looks awesomely weird

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Good o' Hasheem