May 28, 2007

Mr.... I think we need to talk LOL

(Mr. is the Artist's name ^_^ )


craig said...

Y'know I read somewhere that baby animals given the choice would chose to snuggle up to a super snuggly manmade model of what their parent should be rather than to their actual parent who is just normal snugly LOL (My words ROFL )

But this video now reminds me of that... what with all the exagerated features of the moe characters... ^ ^

Tsuji Eriku said...

so you wouldn't want to "snuggle" up against the real thing, sou desu ne that's for the best Craig

Craig said...

In the future I might be like "Uh honey °Erik-a wants a bath... a hot sexy bath. You know I can't do that right? Don't worry °Erik-a mummy will give you a bath. (Daddy can't give hot little girls baths... not even you!*)" XD

* I could in theory (minus the sexy (just so as not to be mean to the kid if she really is dirty and heaven forbid Mommy died in car accident or something... :( but then that wouldn't be funny.**)

** It'd make a good dorama though! (Tsuji for director! Wanton stars. Langdon & Freefall produce. SoG plays Social services! More roles available! ;) )

Langdon Alger said...

now THAT deserves a fakl;sjfda;sjfk;!

craig said...