Feb 5, 2006

Super Bowl XL:
Steelers vs. Seahawks

After Aaron Neville's soulful, but unfortunately cartoony (thanks to Horatio Sanz's spot-on imitation on SNL the night before), rendition of the National Anthem - the first half of the Super Bowl was a display of the Seattle Seahawks' offensive efficiency and ball-control. BORING.

Thank god the Steelers lit it up in the second half. First, Willie Parker broke Marcus Allen's record for longest scoring run from scrimmage with a 75-yard touchdown run.

And then they busted out the razzle-dazzle with a double-reverse option that ended with Hines Ward catching a TD pass from wide receiver Antwaan Randle El.

When it was all over the Steelers won 21-10 and joined the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers as the only teams with five Super Bowl wins.

Who is Freefall Jones?

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