Feb 7, 2006

Tales of The Somewhat Strange and Creepy..

"....The Golden State Warriors fired the No. 3 person on their media-relations staff Wednesday after he mistakenly forwarded an e-mail deemed by the team to be "in extreme poor taste and completely unprofessional" to media outlets nationwide.

The e-mail, entitled "Ghetto prom," contained 17 pictures of African Americans dressed in outfits ranging from skin-tight to skin-baring. Almost all the photographs, which already had been widely circulated on the Internet, contained comments about their appearances.

"That kind of behavior is not and will not be tolerated with this organization," Warriors President Robert Rowell said. Rowell declined to address the specifics of the punishment, calling it a "personal confidential matter," but the employee confirmed to The Chronicle that he had been relieved of his duties shortly after the e-mail was sent.

Eric Govan said he accidentally forwarded the e-mail to the team's weekly media distribution list, which includes dozens of print, television and radio outlets.

Govan followed the first e-mail with an apology 19 minutes later, writing that the "Ghetto prom" file was "totally out of character" and apologizing "to anyone who might have been offended." When reached by phone Wednesday, he said he understood the severity of the issue given his high-profile job, but declined further comment other than to reiterate his regret..."


Freefall Jones said...

I can't believe this guy got canned for this. I mean, even those kids have to admit these pics ARE DA BOMB!!! I'll always love that red "saran wrap" carpet.

Terrence Maddox said...

I remember getting that email at work years ago...who would've thought it was a personnel risk? I remember seeing this story on yahoo & thinking "What a way for the Warriors to make the headlines."

southerncaligirl said...

I remember this email. It still cracks me up. Why didn't I have that kind of style for the prom?

I especially like the Chris Farley picture with the headband and suit.