Feb 2, 2006

What A Difference A Day/Karma Makes.

For the 1st time in awhile, I find myself looking into restaurants for Valentine's Day. No this isn't going to be mushy or sentimental, but it is one of my observing/what's-with-that blogs. B is picking out restaurants from citysearch, & her only standard is the restaurant has to have an rating of at least 8.5 (overall quality not $). A lot of these places have online menus with a lot of variety to choose from. I call for reservations, & as soon as I say the 02/14 date it's a set menu that night. Just like Xmas = eggnog & Thanksgiving = turkey/cranberry sauce/pumpkin pie/etc., does Valentine's Day = a complete deprivation of choices where you eat? I like trying as much as stuff as possible in one sitting, but I've come to realize Valentine's Day isn't the night to see what a restaurant really has to offer. I guess something has to balance out the non-casino everyday buffet franchises of the world.

Just finished talking to an old roomie, who said he ran into a friend who gave an update on a mutual douche bag piece of shit baggage we left behind for pro wrestling, avoiding calls from the BART station, & the awkward tension of frequent house meetings & "family nights". Apparently someone finally had to move back home after years of paying for his apartment with tuition money, making him the oldest undergrad since Rodney Dangerfield. His car sits on his parents' driveway, reportedly looking beat to shit. When you talk out of your ass as much as you act like one, you eventually get what's coming to you.

What I wouldn't give for a Warriors win streak. A nationally televised home game against The Defending Champion San Antonio Spurs w/ Eva Longoria (TNT just showed a live shot of her)in the stands is a great place to start. Ok you can stop laughing now.


Langdon Alger said...

bet you still have that paw print from when THE BEAST did his "let-me-pretend-I'm-doing-a-wrestling-move-but-what-I-really want-to-do-is-touch-Terrence's-chest" hold.

Freefall Jones said...

Let's get some play-by-play on that, Langdon. Was that hold the Million Dollar Wet Dream?

Terrence Maddox said...

All I gotta say is Dragon Sleeper = Nightmares For Years To Come.