Mar 20, 2006

Best of Your Opinion Doesn't Count: Terrence Maddox

one of the most interesting events in this blogs short history was the ongoing soap opera involving the now missing in action Terrence Maddox and his series of B & C stories...

originally posted August 2005

Now Leaving Dodge
After this weekend, if not sooner, I think most of my time will be spent holding up in my house w/ the exception of basketball/grocery outings. Synopsis: I have 2 friends, B & C. I'm a long-time buddy of B, who has brought C around the last couple of times we hung out. I met C through B a while ago, but have gotten to know C only recently since C has been coming around more often. To the chagrin of B, C seems to be taking a quick liking to me. The red flags on this are that C has a boyfriend, but the relationship is often strained by neglect & being an asshole. B also says C has "whore-like qualities", the least of which apparently includes keeping an eye out for someone better.
B has been complaining about C's antics for a while, but since C now seems to be "targeting" a close friend (me) B is especially on edge. Whenever C even touches my arm or hugs me, B gives me a disapproving look or kicks me under the table. Most of our phone/email conversations revolves around C & how annoyed B is.
This whole thing is wearing me out. I'm tired of worrying about what B is thinking every time I interact in any way w/ C. On the other side, I've been trying to give C the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she just appreciates someone being nice to her. Unfortunately I've heard about C long before I started hanging out w/ her, so not only am I aware of the track record, it looks a lil' bit closer to repeating itself each time we're out. To make things weirder, C will be living within walking distance from me by the end of this month.
I'm really not mad @ either of them but I think I need a break from that scene, which may also necessitate staying away from some mutual friends as well. Fortunately, 510 & 707 pals aren't part of that circle. Like Murtaugh said w/ drained yet sage-like wisdom in the Lethal Weapon epics: I'm too old for this shit.
-Terrence Maddox


Tsuji Eriku said...

this is BS

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

I really wish Terrence would give us an update on C. Maybe B found out aboot the blog! Yikes!

Langdon Alger said...

yeah..I was more intrigued by Cs antics than by Bs..but B does have some Cs right?...or are those Ds..