Mar 8, 2006

Hikaru's: Utaban cracks me up! Classic Morning Musume Moments

I love the japanese show, Utaban. There are too many classic and hilarious moments that happen on the show. For those who don't know Utaban, like many other japanese music variety shows, terrorize and humiliate the budding artists. The hosts, Ishibashi "Taka-san" Takaaki and Nakai Masahiro, make music artists do the craziest things as well as do crazy things to them. For this first segment, having that probably two or three of you like Morning Musume, this will be dedicated to the never ending classic moments they give us on Utaban. Ikimasho!
First clip: She's not my favorite idol, but I find it amusing when former Morning Musume member,Yasuda Kei, gets hit in the head-Utaban Style! Pay attention to Taka-san (the guy on the left side). He's freakin' hilarious!

Second Clip: This is an old school clip of the former Morning Musume members being terrorized with balloons! too freakin' funny!<>

Another classic Morning Musume moment on Utaban: Eri Kamei, tries to pull off a joke, but in the end it just pisses off Taka-san. This one put me to tears and tickled my heart at the same time.

This last clip had me kicking my nuts. In this clip, the hosts give the Hello! Project girls advice about something they need help with. Naturally, the hosts give their cunning wit and sarcastic punches that knock the hell out of these girls. What makes this one funny is the Computer graphics. They used it in a way where its like what the f***? Halarious! I'll let the clip speak for itself. dozo!


Tsuji Eriku said...

"This last clip had me kicking my nuts"
That's it, you & me are fist fighting the next time I see you.

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Yoshi! Ikimasho! Lets handle it. Once and for all. harharharhar!

Langdon Alger said...

dude don't love used to call yourself Hikaru Yasuda..