Mar 1, 2006

What's Your Desktop - Southern Cali Girl

Here is my desktop. i recently changed it to this old picture of the dog and the Buddha.


Freefall Jones said...

Shut up. The boy was NEVER that small.

Freefall Jones said...

Oh yeah -- and this is like four months late, but since he never announced it -- congrats to Son of Gigan on becoming an uncle... everyone should be happy to know that the little Wheeled Warrior is off to the right start having already been to Wondercon!

southerncaligirl said...

What? They already tortured the poor kid and took him to Wondercon? PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me they didn't dress him up in some character costume to attend! That's just NOT right!

And yes, DJ was that small...he was only 2 months and about 12 pounds in that pic!