Mar 7, 2006

The World Combat Leauge

The World Combat League is the vision of Martial Arts icon Chuck Norris. It is a sports league like the NBA or NFL made up of professional martial arts fighters on teams representing American cities. WCL contests combine the excitement of martial arts combat with the thrill of rooting for your favorite team. Our goal is to provide sports fans with an unprecedented level of "full throttle" martial arts fighting action in every second of each round of every team contest. ...Plus, the WCL rules penalize any activities, like clinching, stalling or passivity that slows down the action.

Chuck Norris isn't kidding. Check out the highlight reel:


Who are Freefall Jones and EGMCruz?


JuanJohn said...

damn, first it was the olympics now this!!!
When I first really got serious about martial arts I was 14 and decided to go with karate, 6 years later the olympics makes Tae kwon doe an event and not karate!
Now that I'm thinking of just quitting competing and just teaching this comes out!
I'm too old to start to make a name for myself now!!!
Life sucks!

Tsuji Eriku said...

who's in for the Fairfield team?