Apr 7, 2006


I was watching Best Week Ever on VH1 and they showed this website where you can upload your photo and, based on the features in the photo, they will find what celebrities you supposedly look like.

Tired of always answering, "Rufio from Hook," whenever asked what actor would play me in a movie (I look nothing like him, but he's filipino, so...), I uploaded a current photo and found out... NOTHING. Great. The only photo I had came from my MySpace page -- so I went with my EGMCruz professionally taken 3rd grade pic:

...and here's what MyHeritage came up with (seriously):

Ok, young Halle Berry we can all see, right (??!), but Eminem? WTF?

And as long as I was logged on I figured to upload our ol' pal Tsuji:

...you dodged a bullet on this one, Thonchai. You're lucky I've got no pics of you. Anyway, here's Tsuji's results:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tsuji, you goodie two...goodie two...goodie little two shoes.

Oh and this one was just OUT THERE:


Who are Freefall Jones and EGMCruz?


Tsuji Eriku said...

I hate you freefall.
David Blaine I can see, I am indeed a magical person and yeah I did bite my hairdo off of him. Adam Ant? Bernhard Riemann, doesn't stick since I suck at Math, but wait, if this is just based on looks then I can see why we matched up.

Son of Gigan said...

Ah, it was a great decision by you to insert the photo of that strikingly handsome, undeniably masculine gift to the female race right next to the photo of George Clooney.