Apr 4, 2006

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and JUST PLAIN ASS STUPID Continued....

follow up story to this post

"While it is unclear what was in the tree, most spectators – including myself – did see something. The amateur sketch drawn by someone in the crowd came very close to the image in the tree....Again, I saw what was sketched on paper and so did my photographer."
- Brian Johnson reporter WPMI-TV

(click ebay link above)

"Okay folks, this is it. This is the one you have seen on Countdown with Keith Olberman and the story you saw FIRST on NBC 15 in Mobile, AL.

Now, YOU, can own the Leprechaun sketch. This is an original, one of a kind sketch, drawn by a Crichton resident who has actually SEEN the leprechaun.

We are not selling for profit! ALL proceeds from this auction will benefit the NBC 15 Relay for Life Team. So bid high and often. And if you have ANY questions about this auction, or the Leprechaun himself, email to bjohnson@wpmi.com

Please do not contact the seller. All question need to be directed to Brian Johnson of NBC 15, Mobile, AL"

Langdon's Note:...jesus f'n christ people...seriously...jesus f'n christ...

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