May 31, 2006

Son of Gigan's FanimeCon 2006 Pictorial

Unlike SOME of our blog members who claim to be fans of Japanese culture, I wasn't wasting Memorial Day weekend 2006 with my family. I spent it in San Jose, California at the biggest Anime convention of the year, FanimeCon. Any self-respecting guy who's been to one knows that there's NO better place to meet HOT CHICKS than an Anime convention. And as you all can guess, none of those lovely young ladies could keep their gloved hands off the Main Monster right here. But I had to fight them off, because I was there to do a job. And my job was to TAKE PICTURES OF ALL THE HOT CHICKS AND UPLOAD THEM TO MY PC AT HOME. And I must say - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BROTHER. And because my generosity knows no limits, I've decided to share the more appropriate ones with you poor souls. And no, they're not all of young comely lasses. I didn't want any of you foaming with jealousy because of the hold I have over the ladies. Don't beat yourself up over it people; it's not your fault. Just relax and enjoy Son of Gigan's FanimeCon 2006 Pictorial.

We start with a really cute girl in a really tight outfit and a really pink wig. I don't know what Anime character she's supposed to be, but she sold her stuff on a site called So she'll be known as....AnglCon.

These two cuties were roaming the floor selling Japanese bread. I didn't buy any bread from them, but I DID offer to buy something else....Pocky. Oh yeah, you know it.

Here's the Chainsaw Maniac from the most extraordinary video game in the history of human existence: Resident Evil 4.

Not to be outdone by said Maniac, here's the Chainsaw Maid from RE4. It's a good thing Freefall Jones wasn't there. He would've shrieked, wet his pants and hid in the bathroom. He does that whenever he sees a female.

Take a good look at the little girl, because this is exactly the kind of life Son of Gigan's future daughter is going to have. No boys, no malls, no MTV. Just cute, wholesome, Nazi-like anime costumes.

And here's a giant bat for some reason.

This is I-No from the game Guilty Gear XX. Add another "X" to that title and that's a game that I'd like to play. That's right: GuiXlty Gear XX.

Three Schoolgirls Threatening to Cut Your Nuts off with Very Sharp Weapons. Also known as: Tsuji Eriku's Wet Dream.

Okay, some of our blog members were at the show. Here are Langdon Alger and Terrence Maddox trying to corner this french maid. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE FIFI!!!!

A badass chick, a pink teddy bear and a yoyo. GOD DOES EXIST.

Don't make phallus joke...don't make phallus joke...don't make...DAMN!!!!!

The one on the left is obviously trying to cast a spell over me, and the other one's got that come hither stare going. Ladies, you had me at "If we pose for a picture will you stop following us?"

Legends collide: Starfox vs. Samus Aran. But for some reason, it was a GIRL playing Samus! I'm all for women's lib and everything, but come on.

And we close Son of Gigan's FanimeCon 2006 pictorial with -what else - a really cute girl in a really pink wig. It was a great show, well worth the TWO HOURS I had to wait in line to get inside by myself because none of my jerkoff friends wanted to come with me. But I digress. Wait, I don't digress. I hate all of you.


Tsuji Eriku said...

SoG man these Stateside cosplayers got the game all fucked up, the bread cuties..... kawaii!!!!!!!! I would've gone except I'm still broke from my Tokyo trip. You suck if you didn't stay for the music fest.

Freefall Jones said...

I stopped reading after I saw the Chainsaw Maniac.

Son of Gigan said...

Hey Tsuji, don't knock the U-S-A. Americans actually have to MAKE their costumes, whereas in Japan you can buy the things in vending machines. And I guess you have a good excuse for not going to the Con. But I still hate you.

Aldo said...

"This is I-No from the game Guilty Gear XX. Add another "X" to that title and that's a game that I'd like to play. That's right: GuiXlty Gear XX."

++. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

... You do realise that samus is a girl in the game... but that costume is terrible... yellow body suit for the lose!