Jun 12, 2006

missing links...

Speaking of links, here's a couple that should be under consideration for the CHECK THESE OUT! portion of the blog. First up is the Perry Bible Fellowship comicstrip. This shit is totally random and sometimes makes you go "what the fuck?"

Next up is a film crew from Pomona, Ca. Reppin' their hometown (the 705), they can be found at http://www.sevenohfive.com/. Their site features hilarious digital shorts that cover a wide range of topics (Star Wars, comic nerds, diarrhea, visual communication). My only suggestion is that you check out the digital shorts by year and check out their earliest work first (their might be some jokes referenced from their early work).

1 comment:

Tsuji Eriku said...

What up, I was on 705's website the whole damn day, they got some funny vids man. Thanks for sharing.