Aug 19, 2006

For today: Zombie alert!


THE DETAILS: Saturday, Aug 19th, zombies will be storming the corner of Market and Sansome at 2:30. We will then walk/limp/crawl to Powell Station by 3:00. There will be a big massacre on Powell between Market and O'Farrel. We'll Pick up stragglers at Union Square by 3:30.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Plant yourself somewhere along our route. Show up in plain clothes minus anything of value. Wear a small piece of duct tape (or similar) clearly visible on your torso. Attract our attention somehow. (screaming "aaaiiieeee! zombies!" is good for this). We will attack you, cover you with blood, shred your clothes, and slip you a makeup kit so you can create new zombies. If you want to show up already in zombie gear, great. Just join the mob at any time.

THE RULES: Don't attack people who haven't clearly indicated they want to be attacked. Don't get blood on on bystanders or their things.


Rules? Zombies don't need no stinkin' rules...

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