Aug 11, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week...Craig Edition

why is this a Craig Edition?..well, its my way of welcoming the newest member to the YODC crew...Craig of ALL IN 1 ...he's tasted the sweet, sweet koolaid and is now part of the family....also, since its the Dance Shot'll help you learn the ENTIRE ROUTINE Craig...followed by you posting the footage on the blog for all of us to enjoy....

Artist: Berryz Koubou
Single: Waracchaou yo Boyfriend ~(Dance Shot Ver)

Waracchaou yo Boyfriend ~(Dance Shot Ver) video DL


Anonymous said...

Oh man now you said it the peer pressure builds!

LOL I'll put that down as a maybe :D

Anonymous said...

*mmm sweet, sweet koolaid* LOL

Tsuji Eriku said...

damn this song's good. the pv is good too. i love it, it's great.