Sep 6, 2006

This is for you, Son of Gigan

This is your chance, SoG, to be a party of music history and become...Menudo!

Menudo Entertainment is launching a talent search to find five boys to become the new standard bearers for the most revered musical brand ever to come out of Latin America. The new group will feature a hot young urban / Latin rhythmic sound with songs written and produced by top artists like Frankie J, Pit Bull, Fat Joe, L’il Jon, Luny Tunes and others. The search will begin on September 30th in New York City with auditions hosted by Celia Cruz High School of Music to be held at the Lehman College Theater. From there the auditions will go to Miami, San Juan, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. From these auditions and other channels extending to other US cities as well as Mexico, Brazil and other Latin American countries, we will identify as many as 600 talented boys between the ages of 14 and 18 who will compete to be members of the new Menudo.

And now I leave you with another Menudo video (note the awesome dance moves and stylish clothing. I think all you guys should try to bring this look back!!!)


Son of Gigan said...

SCG, while I appreciate your kind gesture...I already have this video on my hard drive. Seriously. This is not a joke. I actually downloaded the video so I could own it and watch it whenever I wanted. I'm going to kill myself.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Let's die together.

Tsuji Eriku said...

With your luck you'll live after putting one in your dome.

southerncaligirl said...

SoG - since you probably watch it frequently, do you have the dance moves memorized? Maybe you can make a video of yourself dancing to this song and post it on the blog for us to laugh at...I mean enjoy.

Oh and I couldn't get the video to download so I could have it for my own personal enjoyment (so I can flash back to when I actually went to their concert in Cow Palace) so....pls tell me how to dl the video from youtube. Muchos Gracias.

Anonymous said... ?

Son of Gigan said...

Okay, I finally registered to Megaupload, and here's the link to the Menudo video.

I don't know if I did it right. You have to enter the verification code in the upper right hand corner then click to download. I also don't know if you have to be a member to download it or not.

Langdon Alger said... don't have to register to upload or download files..