Oct 3, 2006


so the preview of the upcoming GAM PV Melodies has dropped and I must say enough is enough!!...it's..it's just...uhg!!!...here's what I mean..
Ayaya caressing Mikitty's leg?!!
legs intertwined?!!
lying in bed together?!!

Aya gently moving Miki's face towards hers!?!

Miki gazing up at Aya's eyes!?!

Aya's hand wondering to who knows where on Miki's body!?!

they truly are pushing the envelope here people...who know's how far they're gonna go!!...oh..and for those interested..here's the clip:


Craig said...

:) they'd have to be rubbing their legs directly on ME for me to even consider buying that :)

Garamond said...

I hope to see them kissing soon... with plenty of tongue-action... *drools* XD

Langdon Alger said...

I HOPE that there next video will show them having one of their famous bubble bath sessions!!...god I lied..enough is NEVER enough when it comes to these two...woohooo!