Jan 17, 2007

Filipina 101--w/updated link

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I won't be participating in this year's YODC Lonely Heart's Club Pickle Party...and you won't have to either! Not when you can "meet and marry the flipina of your dreams!"

Why sit around and drool over Craig's latest loli pics--when you can have your very own filipina dreamgirl drooling all over YOU! And why dwell on Son of Gigan's sci-fi theory about whether a girl is out of your league--when YOU can be a Hall of Famer in the land of jeepneys and adobo?

Author Perry Gamsby tells you how it can all be done in his book, Filipina 101. Here are some of the things you'll learn:

--Know what to say in that all important first e-mail!

--Learn the secrets that make you so much more attractive,...even if you are older, fatter, poorer!

--Learn how to identify the professional ladies of night that might be
trying to masquerade as innocent and hide their double life.

And check out what this satisfied customer has to say:

"I love the (secret) Pickup technique! It worked like a charm for me every single time, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to meet beautiful, sexy Filipinas who were really interested in me! Forget forty, I’m fat and over fifty! Thank you Perry and Amelita, your book really made my vacation to Manila the best I ever had!”

So there you have it friends. I found Filipina 101 while Google-ing random filipino words to spark an idea for a blog entry...and now I'm proud to share it with you. Seriously. That site needs to be seen to be believed.

--UPDATE--here's an updated link...it's sort of an end-around to get to the Filipina 101 page if the direct link in the post isn't working for you. ...you desperate dogs.

--Freefall Jones


Langdon Alger said...

WOW!..so there really is someone out there for SoG..

Craig said...

I'll click again later but for now I'll just have to laugh @ the "manSEXX.com internal server error" I got ^_^ teehe

Freefall Jones said...

Whoa. Slow down dudes! You guys are overloading the server. There are plenty of filipinas to go around...

Garamond said...

I got that error message which Craig mentioned too, but it worked when I went to this guy's other sites first, and from there continued to the "Filipina 101" site.

This was quite interesting IMO - I'm a bit tempted to buy that book... Will have to think about it though. :)

Craig said...
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Anonymous said...

Perry Gamsby is a Fraud. He peddles his e-books although he has failed and moved back to Australia - Fact, not fiction