Jan 6, 2007

Namie PV Preview

here's a preview of Namie's new PV for the single "Baby Don't Cry"

looks to be a pretty simple video with Namie just walking around...hell, I wouldn't mind if she just stood there and did absolutely nothing...she is that damn sexay to me...god I want her...I want her more than Craig wanting a full run of the H!P kids dormitories!!..okay, maybe not that much but pretty damn close.


Anonymous said...


I think you have a good chance of finding someone who (not necessarily looks like her but) is at least as sexay ;)

Really ;P ask SoG for a league check X) I think you got a good chance X)

Langdon Alger said...

um..I rather not ask SoG anything..hell..I don't even like getting near the guy..his hook hands scare me.

and I've had some sexay ones but they never let me call them Namie while we're "bumpin uglies"..so I have to have the real thing..=)