Jan 15, 2007

The Turpentine Blues

Three different apartments in my complex are being remodeled right now. This weekend the remodeling dudes completed the flooring and applied some sort of wood finish. Not a big deal, right? Well, the smell of whatever that finish is has seeped through the walls of other apartments (mine included!). How do I feel about this? Pretty high. High on turpentine.

One of the upstairs neighbors couldn't stand the smell. I saw her hanging out in the driveway of our complex frantically calling anybody she could complain to: the landlord, the fixit dude, the power company. Finally she called the fire department. I was walking back from the gym and saw the fire truck and was like, "oh shit. turpentine explosion! my comics!"

Luckily it wasn't serious (no explosion). In the end the fire department made the guys doing the remodeling stop with the turp and everyone had to open their windows.

So what are my blues? It's 50 degrees outside and I have to leave my windows open.

--Freefall Jones


Anonymous said...

Soon it will be real easy to see any dirt that's on your floor. Oh what a joy! I think I prefer the days of carpet. I know my dog misses the grip it gave him :)

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

Gee, that stinks.