Feb 14, 2007

Bootlegs at the mall

A recent trip to th ULTRA-CRAPPY Bayfair Mall in San Leandro turned up these current bootleg gems.

Superman Returns
This multi-pack of figures gives some nice hand-painted "S"s, and by "nice" I mean "shitty". More impressively, we get an action figure representation of one of the movie's more memorable moments...SUPERMAN RIDING A DINOSAUR.

Superheroic Man
Here's another instance of Superman riding something. WTF? This time he's on a horse. Waitaminute--Christopher Reeve was crippled falling off a horse. This is some fucked up shit yo.

Especially Search: SPD
I have no idea how "Power Rangers" could be translated into spanish and then back into English as "Especially Search". That must have been one really long chain of people playing a game of Post Office. I will say, though, that these are probably the most gangsta group of Rangers ever--based on all the GUNS they're packin'.

All right, enough crap--like Tsuji and Langdon did last time, here are some real toys to wash the bootlegs away:

--Freefall Jones

P.S. ...be sure to head out and pick up the latest copy of EGM. We've got a big interview with the president of Sony about what went wrong with the PlayStation 3...

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