Feb 4, 2007

Chun Li

Er yeah LOL: [pic]


wu-san said...

truly amazing find :)

Craig said...

The pic?

I had to edit out the "Kung Fu Girls" (aka Karate Girls) movie link b'cos not all the parts are available on YouTube (yet).

There's a trailer for it here: http://www.avjet.com.tw/upload/media/karate%20girls.wmv 4.24MB ( Original Context: http://www.avjet.com.tw/featurecontent.jsp?f_id=19700000000000000000000000000000 )

wu-san said...

being a snes man back in the day, I'm happy to admit I still get more joy out of my 16-bit toaster than any other console I own...the Chun Li pick rules lol.

as for the 'Kung Fu Girls' that's one amazing film concept, I like :)

Craig said...

That's the Wu-way right? ;)

paul.thomas said...

Ah Street Fighter 2, memories of drunken nights in the local kebab shop :) trying to do the Guile cuffs move.

Talking of 'Kung Fu Girls' has anyone seen the DOA movie?? Soooo bad, even worse than the SF2 Movie and I didn't think anything could be that bad. Not even Holly Valance bikini shots saved it...what's that about?!?!?!

Craig said...

That's bad... impotence enducing bad :)