Feb 14, 2007

Dance You Bastard!!..Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume 9.403

Eriku took some pretty cool video footage of Yoyogi Park during his last trip to Tokyo(which will probably never be seen by the masses cuz he's to lazy to upload it to youtube and share it with us)..along with the kick arse bands and the rockabillies, he had footage of this one guy just performing his heart out..it was quite simply the greatest thing I've ever seen....fortunately, someone else was able to capture this genius on celluloid and uploaded it to youtube..

according to the video notes, his name is Makoto Hino and he has his own website


craig said...

That's the song Berryz and that big guy were singing in that bootleg I posted B4 :)

Tsuji Eriku said...

I thought that dude was random. I still can't believe that dude is there every fucking weekend acting a fool.