Feb 10, 2007

Superhero tryouts

Today, the Southland Mall in Hayward hosted a Wrestlemania Fan Axxess event. Why is "access" spelled that way? To make things even more confusing, the Wrestlemania Fan Axxess event hosted tryouts for the Sci-Fi Channel's second season of Who Wants To Be a Superhero?

So T-Bear and I went to check out the hero hopefuls:

This is Vigilante. She has magnetic powers. I'm not sure if she can bend metal, but she says she can walk up buildings if they have metal framework. I'm not sure how that makes her a vigilante, though. And her logo looks like a "W" with and upside-down "W". I think the old lady behind her was her mom.

This is a crappy photo of The Bard. You can't see it here, but he's got an electric guitar. And he's dressed like the lead singer of Men Without Hats in their Safety Dance video.

The big dude here is Silver X. It says so on his shirt. His power is to be able to turn into metal. I hope that "metal" is silver, or else his name doesn't work. I'm still trying to figure out what the "X" is for ...and the ski mask.

The dude on the right is Major Victory. He was a finalist on the first season of Who Wants To Be a Superhero? I guess his job today was to interview contestants after their audtions. Here, he's talking some guy named Crimson Techno or something like that. Techno has power over all technology--nice hoodie, man. When Major Victory asked him if he had a catch-phrase, he quickly posed and said, "Let's get TECHNICAL."


--Freefall Jones


Craig said...

The last guy with that costume van be Mage :)

Freefall Jones said...

King Arthur is rolling in his grave.

Freefall Jones said...

To be fair, someone at my EGM blog suggested that Vigilante may actually be "Vigil Auntie" -- which means the logo would be a "V" overlaid on an "A". That makes more sense, ...but still has nothing to do with magnetism.

Tsuji Eriku said...