Mar 7, 2007


Let me share this with you – MEGAUPLOAD: Momo121.avi (99.5 MB)

Also let me preview/review it LOL:

Don’t be fooled by the start of the program:

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this video is full of Berryz goodness.

What happens is this kid:

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gets to meet Berryz.

This is Berryz in the Maiha era:

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Miyabi is love in this bit:

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This bit is hehe:

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During the vid you really get a feel of what the fans see:

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(They see a lot!)

This ruler thing at the end is pretty cool:

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it turns into wrist-band:

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I'd quite like one :)

This was all a nice bit of Berryz love, I’m happy I found it today (& happy to share!).


Langdon Alger said...

wow..those guys were pretty excited to shake that little girls hand..

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I hate Megaupload... I can never download anything from there.

BUt... it seems like a fun event, from the pics. ^_^