Mar 19, 2007

Casino Royale


James Bond: Vodka Martini, dry.
Bartender: Would you like that shaken or stirred?
James Bond: Do I look like I give a damn?


James Bond is a dick.

He talks like a dick, he acts like a dick, he even parks his car like a dick. ...and it's awesome.

When he literally runs through walls and blows up an embassy in Madagascar to chase down a terrorist, all you can think is--fuck you and your CG-surfing, Pierce Brosnan.

Daniel Craig's Bond isn't exactly "handsome", but when you're ripped like this:

...who the hell cares?

I'm going to the gym.

Bonus: Daniel Craig is a pretty good actor. You actually believe he's interested with what's happening in the movie >coughfuckyouBrosnancough<.

And even though Craig (Daniel Craig, not YODC Craig) delivers the classic line memorably, here's my favorite version:

(look at that--even a youtube "play" button can't cover up the nonchalant cockiness oozing from Connery)

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