Mar 7, 2007


Leafing through the Lonely Planet guide to Japan I got from the library I came across something called Butoh. It's a kind of dance. YouTube has some stuff on it but dailymotion wins the "What Will I Embed Contest":

Uploaded by Iconographe

What you see above is actualy Ankoku Butoh meaning Dance of Darkness but I believe Butoh can also be taken to mean simply dance. What follows is an impressive Butoh (2nd Place in the "What Will I Embed Contest"):

If that is a representation of the Hindu goddess Maha Gurda then I must say I've never seen Hinduism look so appealing hehe :) *hopes not to be struck down by anything*

Edit: Maybe that 2nd video should have taken 1st place, it's pretty good.

Edit 2: No sorry I apologize I think that's meant to be Shiva (Hindu goddess of Destruction no less!) and in traditional Indian that dance would be called Nataraj (literally meaning Dance King).

Edit 3: Or it could simply be called Shiva Dance.


Tsuji Eriku said...

good luck getting to sleep at night everyone

Tsuji Eriku said...

That hindu dance was pretty awesome.